The Break
Growing up with the famous Bali surf at his back door, sixteen-year-old Taj had an idyllic childhood -- until ten years ago when his father was arrested for smuggling drugs. He’s been on death row in Bali’s infamous Kerobokan Jail ever since, leaving Taj in an uneasy limbo. When an execution date is set, Taj is left with one course of action: bust his dad out of jail and high-tail it back to Australia. What…

Thisis a very good book about a young boy named Taj whose fatherisin prison after he was arrested
forsmuggling drugs and now Taj isleftin Bali with wonderfulsurf outside his house.Whatcould be
betterright?Well, as Tajtriesto get hisfather out of prison he makessome risky choices, dangerous
decisionsthatcould ruin everything for hisfather. Taj learns a lot about hisfamily, friends and
girlfriend whilst on this mission,some things he may wantto know and some things he may not.
Does he succeed at getting hisfather out of prison and getting back toAustralia? I guess you will
have to read to find out!

Reviewed by Annie, Year 9, Mercy Regional College.