Out of Hiding
With a foreword by Alan Gratz, New York Times bestselling author of Refugee. Ruth Gruener was a hidden child during the Holocaust. At the end of the war, she and her parents were overjoyed to be free. But their struggles as displaced people had just begun. In war-ravaged Europe, they waited for paperwork for a chance to come to America. Once they arrived in Brooklyn, they began to build a new life, but spoke little…

This book is so convincing it tells the true story of Ruth Gruener who survived the Holocaust and moved to America as an immigrant. Ruth’s story is really inspirational and brave. This story will blow your mind by how strong girls can be. Ruth had to live through so much and we have no idea how hard that would have been. As a 6 year old jewish girl she had no idea about how to cope with holocaust. I think Ruth is a very inspirational woman and people should look up to her. Even though the war was over she continued to fight nightmares and flashbacks of her time during World War II.

Review by Arwen Year 7 Hillcrest Christian College