The Institute
NO ONE HAS EVER ESCAPED FROM THE INSTITUTE. Luke Ellis, a super-smart twelve-year-old with an exceptional gift, is the latest in a long line of kids abducted and taken to a secret government facility, hidden deep in the forest in Maine. Here, kids with special talents - telekinesis and telepathy - like Luke's new friends Kalisha, Nick and Iris, are subjected to a series of experiments. There seems to be no hope of escape. Until…

The Institute is about a brilliant and sensitive boy named Luke who is kidnapped and taken to a compound in the secluded Maine woods where multiple children with special talents — telekinesis and telepathy — are imprisoned and put to geopolitical uses. This new book by Stephen King grasps you from the first sentence and doesn’t let go for the duration of the story. Reminiscent of King’s former work, The Institute uses well thought out characters, relevant themes and thrilling tension to keep the reader absorbed. I would recommend this story for fans of Stephen King and the thriller genre in general.

Review by Nani Hillcrest Christian College