Outlaw Girls
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Published: 27/02/2024
Kate and Ruby live in the High Country in Victoria. They're both daring, quick-thinking and prepared to break the rules, and they're both brilliant horse riders—they'd probably be great friends. But they live in different times, more than 140 years apart. While galloping through the mountains, Kate rides headlong into a thrilling experience that transports her from 1878 to the future, where she meets Ruby. Kate and Ruby return to 1878, where Kate is secretly…

Ruby Miles went back in time from 2022 to 1878 to meet Kate Kelly (Ned Kelly’s sister). They looked the same and they were both adventurous and fearless. They worked together to nearly save Ned Kelly and confused the police. I enjoyed the book because of the time horses (where they went to moonlight track and heard galloping and the horses were travelling in time). I would recommend this book to people 9+ and who are interested in historical fiction.