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The Jammer

This novel is about a girl named Fred and her journey after her mother dies. She faces many struggles but somehow finds her way. The friendship of Fred and Sammy is really refreshing. Roller derby is a major theme of this novel and if you like derby, I recommend this book. What I really like …

The Jammer

The awesome book ‘The Jammer’ is not what you would expect when you see the title. The author, Nova Weetman, has not put much enthusiasm into the title ,however the story says otherwise. The book is perfect for this audience. Fred has followed her mum in the sport of derby, however after her loss, things …

Else-where girls

Elsewhere Girls

The main characters in Elsewhere Girls are Cat and Fanny and they are wonderful, sweet characters. I love these characters and when you read this book you get very attached to them. I love how Fanny is more old school like she was raised back in the day and how Cat is more up to …

The Edge of Thirteen

I started this book because I recently turned into a teenager and just started year 8 like Clem. I really took pleasure in reading this book. This book was about 13 year old Clem attempting to fit in and dealing with demanding friendships and it would be categorised in the genre of reality.