The Jammer
Fred has moved around her whole life, one small town after another, and never minded starting over. She's always had her mum, her dad, and her love of roller derby. On the track she's Fred or Dead, the star jammer, a gun at smashing through a line of bodies and scoring for her team. But Fred's life has fallen apart, and now she can't imagine ever putting her skates on again. On a road trip…

This novel is about a girl named Fred and her journey after her mother dies. She faces many struggles but somehow finds her way. The friendship of Fred and Sammy is really refreshing. Roller derby is a major theme of this novel and if you like derby, I recommend this book. What I really like about this book is that it’s very relatable to tween girls. I would like to say that The Jammer, written by Nova Weetman is a very engaging read with lots of plot twists and character developments.

Reviewed by Lily (Year 7), Mount Eliza Secondary College