ISBN: 9780143302070
Published: 2005
Set in Melbourne in 1919, this is the story of Charlie who runs messages for Squizzy Taylor, one of the most dangerous gangsters in Melbourne. When things start to get a little dangerous, Charlie decides to steal the money and run.

Runner written by Robert Newton is a fantastic book is set in 1919, where a Melbourne boy called Charlie, finds himself with the prime job of running for one of the most dangerous gangster’s, Squizzy Taylor. Charlie is faced with dangerous situations which consistently kept me hooked. Charlie realizes his passion for running and he finds himself in the race of his lifetime. This book was a fabulous book, I enjoyed the continuously new challenges and decisions that Charlie is forced to make. I would recommend it to people 12+, because of some more mature themes. Overall, this book would be 4.9/5 stars.