Waiting for the Storks
It's the Second World War and Himmler's Lebensborn Program is in full flight when eight-year-old Zofia Ulinski is kidnapped by the Germans. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, just like the other Polish children taken from their families and robbed of their names, their language, their heritage. But when Zofia is adopted into a wealthy and loving German family, it is easier, it is safer to bury her past, deep down, so everything is…

Waiting for the storks is a war novel written by Katrina Nannestad. The story is written about a young girl named Zofia who lives in a village in Poland in World War 2. She is stolen from her family by the Germans to live with a respectable German family. I really enjoyed this book as the main character was relatable and you got a great insight into her thoughts and emotions. I would recommend this book to anyone who is into history books, but I would encourage any other keen reader to give a go because it is truly a heartwarming story. 

Reviewed by Scarlett – Year 7 – The Geelong College.