Our Family Dragon
Illustrator: Caiyen (Cai) Tse
I can't wait till the dragon gets here! It's New Year's Eve - the Lunar New Year. We are in Australia, but Bàba says people around the world have celebrated it for thousands of years. It's my very favourite time. Especially when the dragon is coming. A gorgeous story that celebrates family, tradition and the magic of the season.

In ‘Our Family Dragon’ by Rebecca Lim and Cai Tse, readers are immersed in a world of Chinese
culture, family and tradition. Set in the perspective of a young boy and his family, the reader is taken
through the celebration of Lunar New Year.
I enjoyed the flowy and articulate language that Rebecca has used throughout the text and I was
amazed by the level of detail in the illustrations. I also enjoyed the plot twist towards the end,
leaving the reader with a nice surprise.
Overall, this is a captivating picture book and I highly recommend this to anyone seeking to enrich
their minds into culture, family and tradition. 4.5/5 stars