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Naveed: Through My Eyes

Naveed is a book about devastating wars in Afghanistan, but also hope. Naveed, the protagonist, is a young and optimistic boy who lost his father to a bombing, and now works to support his mother and sister, in hopes that they can survive the sordid conditions. He carries a load of responsibilities, but despite his …

Huda and Me

“Huda and Me” by H.Hayek is a heart-warming action packed novel about narrator Akeal and his little sister Huda, two Muslims from Melbourne, Australia. Huda and Akeal’s parents must travel to Lebanon for a family emergency, leaving Huda, Akeal and their five other siblings at home with the dreaded Aunt Amel. Huda is a cheeky, …

Off The Map

This book of short stories grabs your attention with the very first sentence on the very first page. Each short story tells a new adventure about someone and their perspective through an important event of their life. Every story makes you feel a brand new emotion and you start to get attached to characters in …

Tiger Daughter

Tiger Daughter is an insightful portrayal of the Australian migrant experience. Wen’s father, a medical practitioner in China, has no choice but to spend his nights waiting tables at the local Chinese restaurant to earn money. Her mother spends her days cooking and cleaning the house, having long ago abandoned her former life as a socialite.

Skunk and Badger

The ‘odd couple relationship’ is not a new concept, especially not in children’s books. It must be done extraordinarily well to succeed as to hold up to other epic examples, including Ernie and Bert, Wallace and Gromit, Big Ears and Noddy, etc.