We Didn't Think It Through
The thought comes to me: This is how I die. Dally is going to lose control and crash us into a pole or a house and we will be killed on impact. The justice system characterises Jamie Langton as a 'danger to society', but he's just an Aboriginal kid, trying to find his way through adolescence. Jamie lives in Dalton's Bay with Aunty Dawn and Uncle Bobby. He spends his downtime hanging out with his…

The book ‘We Didn’t Think It Through’ was very well written and Jamie’s story was easy to follow. Most of the characters were likeable however one of his friends that he trusted the most got the  three of them into a mess that landed them in a tough spot. 

Jamie’s journey felt realistic as he goes through tough times as the story progresses. He wasn’t just an emotionless main character which has become more common in recent books I’ve read. I would recommend to anyone and everyone looking for a story to immerse themselves in.

Reveiwed by Reid, Year 8, St Leonard’s College.