Oscar and Pendlebury: Behind the Blue Door
Illustrator: Anastasia Wessex
Behind the blue door, Oscar and his best friend (a golden retriever called Pendlebury) enjoy the wonders of a day at the beach. They make new friends and play on the sand but as the other children run into the water, Oscar can’t. He is too anxious and fearful of the unknown. With some encouragement from Pendlebury, Oscar learns that he can be brave enough to overcome his fears.

In this beautifully illustrated book by Georgia Athanasellis and Anastatia Wessex, young
readers will be in a world of delight by the playful rhyming and cheerful mood. In a peaceful
house an adventurous young boy, Oscar and his encouraging and faithful companion and
friend Pendlebury the dog go through the blue door to new delights.
It is an inspiring story for younger readers about friendship, adventure and the courage of
trying new things, however daunting. It is a highly enjoyable read with a light and positive
mood sure to satisfy anyone reading it.