It's Not You, It's Me
ISBN: 978176052078
Published: 2021
Holly Fitzgerald has inexplicably woken up inside the body of an LA teenager called Trinity Byrne in 1980 - trapping Trinity in Holly's forty-year-old body back in Melbourne, 2020. Holly finds herself navigating a brand-new body, family and cute boy next door - not to mention rock band that might just make it, and potential kidnapper. Meanwhile, lies intersect with truth, hurtling both Holly and Trinity towards a dangerous fate as the connections between them…

It’s Not You, It’s Me is set in the 1980s Los Angeles suburbs where Holly Fitzgerald, a 40-
year-old teacher from 2020 Melbourne, wakes up one day to find herself trapped in the body
of 16-year-old Trinity Byrne. Holly finds herself adopting Trinity’s life, challenges, friends,
and family all the while seeking a means back to her own timeline. Little do Trinity and
Holly know, their lives are more connected than they realise. This book explores a body-
swapping, time travelling mystery that both protagonists, Holly and Trinity, must unravel in
attempt to return to their own lives.

I’ve rated this book 3 stars. Overall, it wasn’t the type of book I’d usually go for, I personally
tend to enjoy novels from the romance or fantasy genre. What I most enjoyed about this book
was how the author interconnected the lives of Holly and Trinity. It all adds up in the end,
how they’re related to each other despite being from different countries and generations.
Gabrielle Williams did a really good job of mapping out the story to fit the timelines.
However this book was advertised as a supernatural crime thriller. I felt that the supernatural
element was minimal and that the ending was kind of predictable, I would have enjoyed a bit
more suspense. But regardless, this book would be good read for any fans of Mary Rodger’s
‘Freaky Friday’ and Meg Cabot’s ‘Airhead’

Reviewed by Chloe G, Year 11 – Ivanhoe Grammar School.