She's Too Pretty To Burn
ISBN: 9781250821263
Published: 2022
When seventeen-year-old Veronica's photograph of her introverted girlfriend goes viral, they are sent into a spiral of fame and lethal danger as they navigate the turbulent waters of their relationship, secrets, acclaim, and the underground San Diego art scene.

Reimagining of Picture of Dorian Grey with the ultimate dysfunctional relationships between main characters Veronica, and Mick, as well as best friend Nico. She’s too pretty to burn explores the intersection between love, art, power and violence. Each character struggles with their own life while balancing the growing obsessions that ultimately tumble out of control. Filled with thrills, drama, danger, betrayal, ambition, secrets, psychological candor, compelling characters, toxic relationships, friendships, first love, queer love, a creepy plot, and devious twists. Trigger warning for some themes.

Reviewed by Katelyn – Viewbank College.