Elsewhere Girls
Elsewhere Girls is a fresh and feminist take on time-slip novel in the tradition of The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday in which two young swimmers: one from modern-day Melbourne and the other from early 1900s Sydney swap places and must figure out how to fit into their new time zones and ultimately, to get home. Two fabulous characters working out what matters most - I love Cat and Fan so much!" Sally Rippin, author…

The main characters in Elsewhere Girls are Cat and Fanny and they are wonderful, sweet characters. I love these characters and when you read this book you get very attached to them. I love how Fanny is more old school like she was raised back in the day and how Cat is more up to date with reality. The plot in this book is very interesting and engaging. I enjoy how they switch bodies and get to experience how the other person lives their daily life. My favourite part is when Cat is at the beach alone, reminding me of when my older cousin and I went to the beach alone. I don’t think there are any scary or funny parts in this book, but it’s still an amazing book! I learnt not to take things for granted because they could all be gone in a minute. I recommend this book to kids within the age of 11-13 and I would rate it 4/5 stars.

Review by Renata, Year 6, Kew Primary School