Fozia and the Quest of Prince Zal
Set in the aftermath of the 2010 floods in Pakistan, this is a sensitive tale of community spirit, kindness and the magic of family. Fozia stiffened when she saw the familiar brick-kiln chimney loom ahead. Black smoke spewed into the sky - so it was working again. What if the owner recognised her? Twelve-year-old Fozia has survived the worst flood in Pakistan's history. But her life will never be the same. With her parents missing,…

This book is about a girl named Fozia, she is a thirteen years old. She is one of the many people who survived the Pakistan Floods, I was really excited about her telling a story that her mother told her and is intertwined with other stories she’s heard as well. This book made me feel happy and sad because struggling with her new family while people are looking for her parents. She is enjoying telling her story to her new little brothers that are taking care of her while she is still searching for her parents. I hope whoever reads this book next enjoys it as much as I did because it is very heartwarming, thrilling and lovely story.

Review by Tiana, Beaconhills College