Little One
Illustrator: Evans, Gabriel
ISBN: 9781922400826
Published: 2021
Pippi loves her special Little One: she's soft like mist and always warm, and she's there for Pippi through night and day. Together, they sit at the window and wonder at the world. But one day, Little One goes missing. Pippi feels lost too, but perhaps she can learn to wonder at the world without Little One by her side. (Publisher)

This picture book is the story of many children’s love of their special toy. Pippi’s toy is called Little One and they do many things together. Pippi says ‘she’s soft like mist and always warm’.

We shared this book with some 5 year olds and they thought it was a beautifully written story with gorgeous, colourful and detailed illustrations. The setting was fun and the plot relatable, as they all had a special toy that they especially loved. It has an important message dealing with loss, which was an experience many of the students were familiar with. It did leave them feeling sad, but we know that that is part of life. It is recommended for children in 5-7 year olds.

Review by Library Class – Caulfield Grammar School – Wheelers Hill Campus