WINNER OF THE TEXT PRIZE FOR YOUNG READERS Rainfish is a charming and profound book about a young boy called Aaron who makes a bad decision in the heat of the moment and his struggle to alleviate his guilt and stop the rains he thinks his actions may have caused. "An absolutely unforgettable book."-Carly Nugent, author of The Peacock Detectives Aaron lives with his mother and older brother in a small town on the edge…

This book starts on the problem, which I’ve never seen a book do! The first chapter is called The Worst Thing I Ever Did, which got me interested straight away!  Even just looking at the cover got me interested thinking, why are there monsters lurking? And when I started reading, straight away I started thinking, will he admit what he did? Will he and Damon be found out? Mysterious. . .read on, if you dare! Please note there is swearing.

Review by Amelia – Year 5 Kew Primary School