Rangers Apprentice - The Royal Ranger
John Flanagan makes a spectacular return to the New York Times bestselling world of Ranger’s Apprentice with the revelation of a conspiracy that could end the Kingdom! When you're a Ranger who happens to be royalty, stopping treason isn't just part of the job – it's personal. Most of the time, Maddie is an apprentice Ranger, learning archery, knife throwing, unseen movement and combat skills under the guidance of the legendary Will Treaty. For one…

This is an adventurous book with lots of action and violence in medieval times. Regular castle life changes when treachery to the crown comes into life. While a large battle is starting something at the castle seems a bit fishy which leads to the princess and her small garrison stuck in the south tower, the last resort of defence. While worried sick about her daughter, her husband with the rest of the castle garrison is stuck in a wild situation.

Review by Lucas Year 7 Hillcrest Christian College