Naveed: Through My Eyes
A heartfelt story of a teenage boy living in the conflict zone of Afghanistan. The explosion jolts him awake. He sits up, gasping for air, heart thumping. Was the blast real? Perhaps it had only happened in his head, a bad dream. Demons of the dark, his father had called them. 'Push them away. They'll only poison your thoughts. Seek the light and they can't hurt you.' Naveed is sick of war - of the…

Naveed is a book about devastating wars in Afghanistan, but also hope. Naveed, the protagonist, is a young and optimistic boy who lost his father to a bombing, and now works to support his mother and sister, in hopes that they can survive the sordid conditions. He carries a load of responsibilities, but despite his struggles, he makes it through with his buoyancy.

The novel gives insight to the reader and mentions problems such as war, sexism, disregard for others and the like, but also portrays how significant religion is to some people.
I loved this book. The setting and situations were detailed and intriguing.

Review by Elina Year 7 Hillcrest Christian College