Rockstar Detectives
Illustrator: Luna Valentine
ISBN: 9780241505977
Series Number: 1
Published: 2022
When a priceless painting goes missing, best friends Charley - a 12-year-old viral singing sensation - and her best friend George - camera whizz and budding comedian - are shocked to discover they're the prime suspects. Now Charley and George have to prove they're not international criminals - all while nailing a stellar European tour and keeping up with their homework! But as news of high-profile heists hits the headlines wherever they go, Charley and…

When Charley and George go on a European tour they become the chief suspects of the missing artefacts and paintings. Accordingly, they must substantiate to not only the police however also the world, by finding out the true criminal, whom has been framing the rockstars and reclaim their innocence. The pair must uncover the truth behind this mystery in addition to keeping up with schoolwork and giving their fans sensational concerts.

This novel is an amazing triumph as it is one of the most striking and suspenseful books I have read. My favourite part of this book is where George and Charley use their wittiness to discover the real culprit behind the mysteries. This book can be recommended for any age group as the wording is simple to understand and this plot may appeal to a range of children in a variety of age groups. There is quite a lot of dialogue nevertheless it is expected as it is a mystery and suspense novel.

Reviewed by Gargi, Brentwood Park Primary School.