Seven Days
ISBN: 9781761043352
Published: 2022
When Ben is dumped with his country relatives for the holidays, he starts counting down the days until it's over, hating every second. But Ben's stay takes a sharp turn when he comes across his great-great grandfather's journal--the final entry being from one hundred years ago, right after he was shot. With his cousin, Josh, Ben starts unravelling mysteries, lies and shocking crimes. Can the two boys beat the odds to resolve a century of…

Seven Days by Fleur Ferris was so good! The book included so many awesome plot twists and some parts completely baffled me. The main characters, Ben and Josh, found their great grandfather’s diary and discovered that he was a thief and the true reason of the century old Parker – Rhinestone family feud. It’s interesting and exciting. Once I picked it up, I could not put it down!

Some of the parts of the book were really good, and some of the parts I had to back-up and reread to understand completely. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good book. Seven Days would be for ages 10-17 and anyone above who wants to be part of an adventure!

Reviewed by Amelie, Brentwood Park Primary School.