Beyond Belief
Inspired by the true story of Muslims who saved the lives of Jewish children in the Second World War. In 1942, in the Grand Mosque in Paris, 11 year old Ruben is hiding from the Nazis. Already thousands of Jewish children have disappeared, and Rubens parents are desperately trying to find his sister. Ruben must learn how to pass himself off as a Muslim, while he waits for the infamous Fox to help him get…

Beyond Belief is a half-fictitious novel based on World War 2. Set in Paris, the story follows a young boy Ruben who is hiding from the Nazis with his parents in their cellar. When too dangerous for them to stay, Ruben’s mum takes him to the Grand Mosque, to be looked after with many other children.

Once the soldiers invade the mosque, Ruben is forced to flee with a few other children and 2 guides. They embark on a trip, full of obstacles, which finally leads them to a safe farm in the South of France. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in half fiction, non-fiction or World War 2, as the book is both thrilling and suspenseful.

By Eric (Year 8) Brighton Grammar School