Fire Star - A Maven and Reeve Mystery
A maid with a plan. A squire with a secret. A missing jewel. A kingdom in turmoil. Maven and Reeve have three days to solve the mystery of the Fire Star. If they don’t, they’ll lose everything. This could be a complete disaster . . . or the beginning of a friendship. Bestselling author A. L. Tait is back with the intriguing story of two unlikely allies and a mystery to solve that could change…

The Fire Star is a mystery genre book about a missing jewel. There are two main characters, Maven and Reeve. The perspective alternates between them in each chapter. Reeve is a squire to a knight and Maven is a maid to the lady who will marry the knight. The lady’s dowry is a big jewel that is the most expensive jewel in the world. But the jewel is stolen, so the mystery gets handed over to Reeve. If he doesn’t succeed, he will be the scapegoat, but if he does, he can remain as a squire. Maven also helps him look for the jewel.

This book is very interesting, and you would quickly become hooked if you read it.

By Evan (Year 7) Brighton Grammar School