The Tale of The Whale
Illustrator: Padmacandra
ISBN: 9780702263262
Published: May 2021
‘Where land becomes sky and the sky becomes sea, I first saw the whale and the whale first saw me …’ So begins a lyrical journey that brings wonder, discovery and friendship, but also an uncomfortable realisation: plastic pollution and carelessness are destroying the ocean and the creatures who call it home. Can we work together to change the future of the sea?

This book is about a child who goes on an adventure with a whale in the ocean. The whale shows the child what happens when plastic and other rubbish ends up in the ocean. I like the way the child and whale become friends while teaching anyone who reads this book about plastic pollution in the ocean.

I love the way that the words rhyme and I think that many children and adults will be able to read and enjoy this book, as well as understand how our rubbish impacts the oceans and everything that lives in it.

My favourite thing about this book is definitely the fine detail in the illustrations because they are beautifully drawn and helped me to imagine what it must be like to be an animal living in the ocean. The colours are bright and I loved that there was so much to look at in the pictures. I liked that the main character in the story was not a girl or a boy, but could be either because then it doesn’t matter who is reading the story because they will be able to relate to them.

I would recommend this book to everyone because the message inside it is important to us all.

Review by Georgia St Pauls AGS