Lunch with the Stationmaster
ISBN: 9780732275458
Series Number: 3
Published: 203
The bestselling author of Sole Survivor, Lunch with the Generals and Lunch with Mussolini returns with a gripping new novel that crosses decades and continents.Derek Hansen takes us back to Gancio\'9291s restaurant. It is a thursday and, as usual, Ramon, Lucio, Milos and Neil have gathered for their weekly lunch appointment. It is Neil\'9291s turn to take the floor - except that Milos steps in and demands to tell his story. He has no choice…

Lunch with the Stationmaster is a Young Adult novel written by Derek Hansen (and the third book in the Lunch with series). The book is set in between two different times, those being the modern day and the end of WWII.

The plot is based around Milos Heyman telling his story of how he survived the Holocaust as a Jewish Hungarian citizen. Throughout the text we see Milos and his brother Tibor grow up and become mature young men, living in the forests of Hungary, running from the people who want to kill them most. This novel is an extremely thrilling story fit for mature young audiences or older readers looking for a story to indulge themselves in.

This is an adventure based on true events that I found to be an electrifying chase – you could never predict what would happen next. It made me think further into everyday scenarios and dig deeper into people’s words. Out of the whole series, Lunch with the Stationmaster is by far my favourite.

Reviewed by Samuel G. – Year 8 – Salesian College Sunbury