A Good Girls Guide to Murder
A debut YA crime thriller as addictive as Serial as compelling as Riverdale and as page-turning as One of Us Is Lying The case is closed. Five years ago, schoolgirl Andie Bell was murdered by Sal Singh. The police know he did it. Everyone in town knows he did it. Almost everyone. Having grown up in the small town that was consumed by the crime, Pippa Fitz-Adeleke chooses the case as the topic for her final project. But when Pip…

Five years ago, Sal Singh killed Andie Bell. Everyone knows that. But Pip doesn’t think so. When she takes on the task of proving Sal’s innocence for a school project, she starts noticing that things don’t add up. Who really killed Andie? And what really happened five years ago?

This book is gripping and addictive and will leave readers hooked until the last page. It’s full of twists, leaving you guessing and on the edge of your seat. The book is written in an unusual format, showing it as if it is Pip’s homework. Bits are written as notes or diary format, diagrams, maps, interviews and third person, which changes it up for the reader and stops it from becoming monotonous. This way the reader feels involved and can try to solve it as you uncover more information about the case. 

As far as cons go, the book has a lot of ‘red herrings’ which can be a bit hard to keep track of, but the writer cleverly ties all the loose strings together at the end, leaving the reader satisfied. Some characters could also be explored a bit more, such as Pip’s friends, who were only mentioned a few times, making them feel two dimensional and easily forgotten.

Although it is a murder case, the book does not feel heavy or dark in any way. The book manages to be humorous one moment and thrilling the next. Every lead explored by Pip manages to connect back into the book leaving no loose ends or plot holes, and the main characters are so well written they seem almost like real characters. 

This book will have you on the edge of your seat and will leave you wanting more. This was easily one of the best books I have ever read. If you want to read a captivating, addictive novel that you can read in one sitting, I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

Review by Genazzano FCJ College student