Illustrator: Harrison Vial
ISBN: 9780702265594
Published: 2022
About a newcomer arriving to an island inhabited by superstitious eggs. This thought-provoking story raises gentle questions about displacement, environment, xenophobia and climate refugees. When something strange washes up on the eggs' island, they are scared. It looks like them. But different. What if it hatches? What if there are more of them? Most of the eggs hope the newcomer will float back to where it came from, but one little egg is not afraid.…

The story Egg is an amazing book for many young readers. The setting is located in a beach with eggs as the characters. This book is one of a kind and it is entertaining and an enjoyable read, however it also sends a strong message for many people to learn about being different.

I absolutely loved reading this book as the text was written very wisely and the illustrations matched the description perfectly, which made the book have the same effect as if you were watching a movie! There are many emotions to experience as you read which made the book exciting for me. I definitely recommend this book to any reader as you can learn a lot from this book.

Egg is definitely a book you will enjoy, I guarantee it.
Reviewed by Asini, Year 5, Brentwood Primary School.