ISBN: 9780702262937
Published: 02-02-2021
An inspiring novel about good-luck magic, courage and the power of storytelling. A gifted student, Nia longs to attend high school so she can follow her dream and become a writer. She has notebooks filled with stories she’s created about the mythological Dewi Kadita, Princess of the Southern Sea. But her family has barely enough money for food, let alone an education, so Nia’s days are spent running their food cart and raising her younger…

‘Girl of the Southern Sea’ is a book set in the slums of Indonesia and is about a girl called Nia who has goals too big for the place she was born in. I absolutely loved Nia, who stuck to her values and fought for herself, no matter what the people around her said. This book explores so many different types of relationships and the harsh realities people live through everywhere. It is inspiring and makes you feel hope and pity and everything else for a fictional girl with very real circumstances. 4 stars.

Book review by Alisha, Year 8 (Beaconhills College)