How to be Prime Minister and Survive Grade Five
When Harper's dad unexpectedly becomes the Prime Minister of Australia he's terrible at it. He was boosted into the top job after a heroic boogie-board rescue of two kids (and a labradoodle) from a shark attack, but surviving government is proving much harder. After a few months, their family is a laughing stock, and Dad disappears to a 'conference' - but he leaves his phone behind. To save his reputation, Harper secretly takes his place.With…

When Harper’s dad saves two children (and a labradoodle) from a shark, he is dragged in to becoming the prime minister. However, one day he says he has to go to a conference and mysteriously disappears. Will Harper figure out where her dad disappeared to? How will she keep her father’s disappearance a secret from the world?

This book is a perfect children’s novel. It has many life lessons like facing your fears. This book had many amazing twists and turns throughout and kept me wanting to continue reading. The only thing I did not like was that it was a gradual build up and not straight into the action. It was definitely worth it in the end though. I rate this book 4/5 stars.

Reviewed by Archie – Brentwood Park Primary School