How to make a monster
A rusting ocean liner. Thirty students learning to resurrect the dead. A murderous monster on the loose . . . Just a typical day at Prometheus High. Athena Strange's first semester at Prometheus High starts with a bang. But when her lessons in reanimation, robotics and skulkers move too slowly and she has trouble making friends, Athena decides to take matters into her own hands. On a ship where science and magic collide, and the…

Athena Strange is offered a chance to go to a new school, Prometheus High. However, she soon finds out that this is not a normal school; students study reanimation of the dead.

This book was very enjoyable. I enjoyed the slow build of tension, making it hard to put down the book, even though the start doesn’t really have the best hook. The topic of reanimation also makes this book interesting, as it isn’t used much. I would recommend this book to others, mostly those 10 years or older, due to the length of the book. 4/5 stars.

Reviewed by Taewoo, Brentwood Park Primary School