How to Tackle Your Dreams
Everyone knows that Homer loves Australian Rules football. But ever since his dad moved away and his mum was drafted in the women’s league, something has changed. He’s spending more time fixing clothes with his grandfather than kicking goals with his friends. When Homer’s upgraded school shirt becomes the talk of the playground, he sees a business opportunity that could make him enough money to visit his dad. But the more stitches Homer makes, the…

This story is about a boy named Homer who has a talent for playing Australian Rules Football. He lives with his mum, who has been drafted into the women’s league in football. Since his dad moved away, his life has started falling apart: his friends don’t understand him and he has been spending more time mending clothes with his grandfather than scoring goals with his mates. This is an enjoyable book and quite unique as it successfully merges two widely different hobbies together – sewing and football, which is a strange mix! What I absolutely loved about this book is how the tension builds up. It provides a breathtaking plot with amazing characters. I would recommend this book to anyone above the age of 10 and I rate it with 4.5 stars.

Reviewed by Seji, Brentwood Park Primary School.