A Walk in the Dark
When five teenagers head in to the forest that late afternoon, none of them is aware what the night will bring. Each will have to draw on their particular strengths to survive. Each will have to face the unknown, battling the elements, events beyond their control, and their own demons. It's a night that will change everything. Set in the rainforest of Victoria's Otway Ranges, A walk in the dark is about friendship, trust, identity…

A Walk in the Dark is by far one of the most interesting books I have ever read. It is an action-packed adventure mixed with curiosity and suspense. I read chapter after chapter – each one ending in a way that enticed me to keep reading!

Not only is this full of action and adventure, but I did sense a hint of romance between two of the characters. I related to the book in many ways. For example, the book touches on the theme of the regret that you feel after making a mistake, the problems in children’s families and how there is beauty in everything – you just need to seek it out.

I would most certainly rate this book a 5 out 5, as it ticks all the boxes for me. No doubt that I will read this book again as I loved it!

Reviewed by Ayma, Brentwood Park Primary School