Rabbit, soldier, angel, thief
It's spring, 1942. The sky is blue, the air is warm and sweet. And then everything is gone. The flowers, the proud geese, the pretty wooden houses, the friendly neighbours. Only Sasha remains. But one small boy, alone in war torn Russia, cannot survive. One small boy without a family cannot survive. One small boy without a home cannot survive. What that small boy needs is an army.

Rabbit Soldier Angel Thief is an enjoyable yet sorrowful book. This masterpiece has the right amount of description so that it feels as if you are in the moment. I felt many emotions when I read through each page, as it was extremely touching. I could sense the delicacy and the amount of effort the author used to make this book as outstanding as possible. Not a single page was dull, but full of excitement!

Sasha was a Russian six-year-old boy and just like many other child would face during war, his family was killed. Fortunately, he was saved by the Red Army soldiers and carried on with his life by confronting challenges as he became the youngest soldier in his group. I especially loved that Katrina Nannestad did not only write the sorrowful bits but added a variety of feelings so the reader does not only feel one emotion for the rest of the book.

I recommend this book to all readers aged 11 years and over. My favourite part of this book was when Sasha shared his love with the other soldiers and never gave up on them. It was heartwarming to see. So overall, I give this book a spot on 5 stars, and hopefully many readers will enjoy this book as much as I did!

Reviewed by Jamie, Brentwood Park Primary School