The Wintrish Girl
On Talisman Day in the Empire of Arylia, every child receives an object that gives them special powers and reveals their destiny. Every child except for the Wintrish girl, Penn, that is. All Penn has ever wanted is the impossible: to own a Talisman and return to her home in Midwinter to find her true family. But she's trapped - doomed to a miserable, lonely life as a royal servant. But a long-forgotten evil is…

A girl with extraordinary powers who makes friends along the way of her journey. I enjoyed the book. I wouldn’t personally borrow it from the library, but it would be a good class book . The writer did a good job making the book appealing to young readers who want with more up levelled words. Maybe a book to relax while reading.

I think that the book would be better for younger readers and or as a class book maybe even a relaxing read . Another reader could be someone [of any age ] whom is into fiction , magic , adventures and friendship .

I liked the book; it does not really appeal to me, but a younger reader would enjoy the book . I thought the book was full of magic , adventures , friendship and fiction. I rate the winterish girl a 4\5 stars.

Reviewed by Matilda, Brentwood Park Primary School