All Four Quarters of the Moon was really good! It was a wild ride though. It showed me just how important a bond between two siblings can be. In the book, everyone was so tense and upset about moving to Australia because they did not know if all the stuff, they had in China would be at the destination. The two daughters, Peijing and Biju, were the most nervous. They created this paper world of origami and drawings, and they did not know if they could bring it with them and hoped that the little world would still be in good shape. But still everything worked out in the end. They were still getting used to everything. But after a while it felt like home. When I picked up the book, I knew instantly that it was going to be extravagant.

There were sad parts but also some good ones. It was so heart-warming that I think even the toughest heart would melt. I would recommend this book to people aged 9 to 15 or anyone above that would want a story full of deep emotion and strong love.

Reviewed by Isaac/Izzy, Brentwood Park Primary School