The Counselors
ISBN: 9780593527504
Published: 2022
Camp Alpine Lake is the only place where Goldie Easton feels safe. She's always had a special connection to the place, even before she was old enough to attend. The camp is the lifeline of Roxwood, the small town she lives in. Alpine Lake provides jobs, money and prestige to the region. Few Roxwood locals, though, get to reap the rewards of living so close to the glam summer camp, with its five-figure tuition and…

When you are surrounded by people you’ve known for the best parts of your life, deciding if one of them might be a killer isn’t an easy task. Jessica Goodman’s ‘The Counselors’ is an engaging summer camp mystery, delving into contrasting worlds that are meant to be kept apart. When worlds collide hidden aspects of each come to light, revealing the truth that’s been keep away. A great fast paced young-adult book with the struggles of friendships, and a bowl full of secrets.

Reviewed by Katelyn, Viewbank College