What We All Saw
ISBN: 9781761045936
Published: 2022
Witches only exist in stories. Everyone knows that. But what if the stories are real? Four friends. Four truths. One nightmare. If you wander into the wood. If you hear scratching sounds from the Old Quarry. If you go too close to the edge. Watch. Out.

This is a dark and spooky read. It follows the story of four kids – Shell, Gray, Charlie and
Sam who spend their summer at the quarry, the same quarry that has rumors about
witches. But what happens when something terrible occurs at the quarry and the four
children make a pact to never speak of that day again. ‘What We All Saw’ was a very
interesting read for me. I’ve never really read a scary, horror book before, it did take me a
while to get into the book but about halfway through I really got into it! This book
reminded me a lot of a movie/book by Stephen King and I think anyone who enjoys this
genre would love this book. I will recommend this book to lots of people who are interested
in thriller/horror stories. Overall I rated this book 3 out of 5 stars. It wasn’t my favorite
but I still enjoyed it.

Reviewed by Sarah, Year9, Mercy Regional College.