Astonishingly good stories
ISBN: 9780143779261
Published: 2021
Featuring Greek myths and fractured fairytales as told by Nanny Piggins (the world's most glamorous flying pig), a mystery investigated by Friday Barnes (girl detective) and a series of tales so tall they will give you altitude sickness. This book will delight children from four to one hundred and four. Just the thing for reading at bedtime, when you're supposed to be doing your homework or when you've been chased up a tree by an…

If you want a large variety of entertaining stories, then this book is for you. It is really funny and the stories are unique. The characters are all different for each story. There’s even a bear that talks.

If you love Nanny Piggins, she interprets many of the famous fairy tales in her zany style of seeing the world. For example, her great- times-thirty-seven-greats cousin wasn’t Robin Hood, she was the beautiful Robin Piggins!

I recommend this to readers who like funny, but easy to read stories, that will put them to sleep with a smile on their face. Penelope Perfect lovers will really enjoy this book. I give it 4 out of 5 for variety.

Reviewed by Annie, Melbourne Girls Grammar.