The book of wondrous possibilities
Arlo Goodman lives with his Uncle Avery in a run-down flat above their bookshop. He has no friends, except for his pet mouse, Herbert. But when a girl called Lisette bursts into the shop and begs him to hide her from a murderer, Arlo's life changes forever. He's swept up into an adventure involving kidnappers, car chases and a story in The Book of Wondrous Possibilities, where Arlo and his skymouse battle dragons. But can…

Arlo Goodman’s life becomes dangerous. Before his mum died, she wrote about him in a book and now the book’s coming true! One day he meets Listia, and his life changes forever. I love the way the plot makes Arlo a stronger person.

If you love mystery and suspense, crime and prison, this book is definitely for you. I recommend
this for adventure lovers aged 7-10 because it’s about magical possibilities. It encouraged me to be brave and take more risks in my life.

I’d give it 4½ out of 5 stars because it’s exciting and it builds good tension.

Reviewed by London, Melbourne Girls Grammar.