Meet 11-year-old Bindi. She’s not really into maths but LOVES art class and playing hockey. Her absolute FAVOURITE thing is adventuring outside with friends or her horse, Nell. A new year starts like normal—school, family, hockey, dancing. But this year hasn’t gone to plan! There’s a big art assignment, a drought, a broken wrist AND the biggest bushfires her town has ever seen! Bindi is a verse novel for mid-upper primary students. Written ‘for those who…

Bindi is written in verse style.

It’s about an 11-year-old girl, called Bindi, who hates math, because she doesn’t
understand it at all. Bindi loves art and her art classes and hockey. Where she lives, they get a lot of bushfires. The bushfires happen often.

Bindi also plays hockey with her friends; they have good fun in every match that they play together. One year is particularly tough, as Bindi and her friends experience the biggest bushfires they have ever seen, along with a drought.

Reviewed by Joshua Year 7 Brighton Grammar