Illustrator: Gabriel Evans
ISBN: 9781760894450
Published: 2 March 2021
A beautifully told picture book about self-esteem, resilience and the discovery that being different can be something wonderful. From award-winning author Sonya Hartnett, with stunning illustrations by Gabriel Evans. A gentle exploration of a child’s realisation that it is her individual differences and creativity that make her special, with stunning illustrations by the talented Gabriel Evans that delicately and sensitively convey the child’s emotional journey. A young child describes her qualms about going to school…

A new book from Sonya Hartnett is always something to anticipate and celebrate. Blue Flower is no exception. Hartnett is a superbly lyrical writer and when she bends her considerable talent to picture books the affect is especially delightful. Evans has done a masterful job of supporting this beautifully written text with his whimsical illustrations and soft, muted palette. 

What we have in Blue Flower is a gift to those children who feel different, the quiet, thoughtful children who yearn to understand themselves and the world around them and chafe against the established structures of a daily school routine. A magical accomplishment from one of our finest writers. 5 stars. Review submitted by Tye.