Maths Mutts – All About Graphs
ISBN: 9781742035765
Series Number: 1
Published: 01-10-2019
The latest title from dual-CBCA Honour Award recipient Lorna Hendry. Graphs are a key component of mathematics. They can help us make sense of potentially complicated information, and have practical applications in our everyday lives. Join our maths mutts as they learn all about the wonderful world of Graphs! This is the first in an exciting new series taking a fun and engaging look at key mathematical concepts, and how these can be applied in…

This wonderful book explains about the different types of graphs and how we can collect and use the information we put into them.  Along the way, there is an adorable dog named Arlo.  There are lots of opportunities to have a go at the graphs yourself using data collected by Arlo’s owners.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book.  It was very informative and it made me realise there are many different types of graphs.  The pictures of Arlo and the other animals are super cute and I liked how you learnt so much about graphing and were able to have a go on the “try it yourself” page after each graph.  I can’t wait to get graphing!


Book review by Lily 3M (Beaconhills College)