9781742035895 Show Me The Money
Have you ever looked at Australia’s money? Who are those people on the banknotes and why are they there? And why is the Queen on all the coins and on the $5 note? Each image on Australian currency, whether person, plant or creature, has been carefully chosen to represent and celebrate Australia. Our money tells us our history, and points to the Australia that we hope to be. Show me the money and I will…

This book is about the people who are on the Australian notes. I was excited to see the contents page in the book because it had the names of the famous people on the notes. The interesting part was that they included the stories behind these famous people, and what they had achieved to get their names and pictures printed on the notes. After reading this book, I became more knowledgeable about the history of Australian money. My favourite person was John Flynn because I liked how he created the Royal Flying Doctor Service. I would encourage my friends to read this book because it is very interesting. Now I would like to know more about the animals on the coins!       

I would give this book a rating of 4.5.

Review by Sahil 3M (Beaconhills College)