Crescent City - House of Earth and Blood
#1 New York Times bestselling author Sarah J. Maas launches her brand-new CRESCENT CITY series with House of Earth and Blood: the story of half-Fae and half-human Bryce Quinlan as she seeks revenge in a contemporary fantasy world of magic, danger, and searing romance. Half-Fae, half-human Bryce Quinlan loves her life. By day, she works for an antiquities dealer, selling barely legal magical artifacts, and by night, she parties with her friends, savoring every pleasure Lunathion-otherwise known…

I read Crescent City because I have read two of Sarah’s other series and I absolutely loved them. Crescent City was no different; it had a strong female lead, which I love. While there is a love interest and they work together, Sarah always has an independent protagonist. I highly recommend this book, it is a fantasy book with lots of banter and jokes. I would recommend this book for readers aged 14 – 18. 

Bryce Quinlan doesn’t appreciate what she has in her life until it is taken away from her. After her friends are murdered, the believed killer is arrested and Bryce tries not to think about the past. Although her past isn’t going anywhere. The believed killer is found not guilty and an investigation is launched to find the true killer. She is forced 

to team up with Hunt Athalar, a fallen angel. They get on each other’s nerves and dislike working with each other, but to find her friend’s killer they must work together. 

There are so many plot twists, it is a page turner. I finished it in three days because I was invested in the story. I can’t wait for the second book to come. A must read!

Review by Genazzano FCJ College student