Daughter of the Deep
ISBN: 9780241538180
Series Number: 1
Published: 2021
Ana Dakkar is a freshman at Harding-Pencroft Academy, a five-year high school that graduates the best marine scientists, naval warriors, navigators, and underwater explorers in the world. Ana's parents died while on a scientific expedition two years ago, and the only family's she's got left is her older brother, Dev, also a student at HP. Ana's freshman year culminates with the class's weekend trial at sea, the details of which have been kept secret. She…

In Rick Riordan’s novel, ‘Daughter of the Deep’, we are taken into the life of Ana Dakkar, a first-year student at Harding-Pencroft Academy, a school for marine biology students. Riordan immerses us in her life and the trauma she is dealing with after the loss of her parents. The reader can watch Ana grow up and learn about her true heritage and the challenges that come with it.

I really like the representation this author provides throughout all his books. The use of characters with mental health struggles promotes a positive outlook on them; it is really a change to what we normally see when people talk about things such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia and more. Riordan makes us see that we are only different because of the way our brain is hardwired and I love him as an author because of this.

Overall, this book is just another reason Riordan is an amazing author, he enthrals the reader and takes us on a journey through history and mythology in a fun and new way.

Reviewed by Theo Z. – Year 8 – Salesian College Sunbury