Follow Your Feelings - Max and Worry
Illustrator: Jess Rose
ISBN: 9781922419729
Published: 2021
When Max has a hard time starting his maths work, he’s joined by someone new: Worry. But Worry doesn’t give Max the help he needs. It feels like Worry will never leave, even when Max does what Worry tells him to! But with the help of some deep breaths and a vow to just try his best, Max can say goodbye for now to Worry, and hello to someone new … Follow Your Feelings is…

Follow Your Feelings – Max and Worry by Kitty Black is an inspiring children’s story that helps children to know how they should deal with worry. I love the use of animals to represent the emotions Max is feeling. This is a book that I would recommend for young children to help them learn how to have resilience and to talk to an adult if anything is worrying them. I highly recommend this sweet book that teaches children how to ask questions without feeling worried.

Reviewed by Kiara – Year 7 Flinders Christian Community College