Friday Barnes Undercover
ISBN: 9781761043659
Series Number: 10
Published: 2022
Friday is not running away. Yes, she did get on a train to Norway without telling anyone where she was going - but she had to help Binky. He may or may not have been attacked by a polar bear. Now he's facing court martial for dereliction of duty. Obviously, Friday had to drop everything and travel 3000 kilometres to solve the case.The fact that it's easier to handle her feelings for Ian Wainscott if…

Friday Barnes Undercover by R.A Spratt is an action-packed comical detective novel of around 250 pages. Friday has been in Italy for a school trip when the brother of her friend, Melanie calls with a problem. As a detective, of course Friday has to try her best to solve the case. When the mystery leads to a remote island in the Arctic Circle called Svalbard, more chaos arises. I really enjoyed the suspense during the two painting thefts. My favourite scene was the royal ball because there was a kerfuffle trying to get Friday to wear a ball gown.

Review by Emily –  Year 3 – Kew Primary School