Azita and Me
Holly has been keeping a low profile at school to avoid situations where the class bully can make unkind comments about her single sex parents and exclude her. Her strategy is upset when Azita, an Iranian refugee, joins her Year 7 class, and they become friends. The two girls are opposites, and Holly's world expands in unexpected ways. It will take her on a journey towards independence and self-belief and towards a greater understanding of…

‘Azita and me’ is a fiction story about the friendship of Holly and Azita, both come from diverse family’s and backgrounds, and I believe Sarah Martin (the author) captured that brilliantly. Holly, who has always been bullied because she has same sex parents, immediately becomes friends with Azita, a refugee who has moved into her class.

Their peers call them ‘uncool’ but as they start to learn and love each other’s family’s and cultures, they realise it doesn’t matter what other people think. This is a journey of self-belief, courage, and independence, 10/10!

Review by Lily – Year 7 – Mount Eliza Secondary College