Rock Star Detectives
ISBN: 9780241505977
Series Number: 1
Published: 2022
When a priceless painting goes missing, best friends Charley - a 12-year-old viral singing sensation - and her best friend George - camera whizz and budding comedian - are shocked to discover they're the prime suspects. Now Charley and George have to prove they're not international criminals - all while nailing a stellar European tour and keeping up with their homework! But as news of high-profile heists hits the headlines wherever they go, Charley and…

This book is amazing – it has humor, mystery and suspense. An unforgettable read! I was unable to put this book down. Usually, I do not read this style of book, but even so I loved it! This book is written in a way that allows it to be read by children of all ages. I most enjoyed the way comedy fitted into a mystery. In the world of books there are many titles like this book, containing stories of things like; school kid becomes a rock star or school kid detectives. Even so Rock star detectives has a unique plot and characters. If crimes happened at the locations of where you did your music tour what would you do? In this book you will see what Charley does when priceless art is stolen… and she is the main suspect! This book lives up to the name and phrase – in the spotlight and under suspicion. I would give this book a solid four and a half stars.

Review by Alex – Year 5 – Kew Primary